Our Vision.

At Theiah, we know that corporate businesses are one of the most powerful tools to bring forward the day where sustainability underlies all key business decisions.

That’s why we help companies find commercially attractive opportunities that benefit their profit, people, and the planet.

We do this by:

  • working with businesses who already know this is the way forward, but may just need some assistance along the way
  • designing, testing and scaling sustainable initiatives in partnership with them
  • using industry-proven innovation tools to discover and validate opportunities

We are based in the beautiful city of Montréal, but we’ve run accelerators all over the world. All our programs and workshops are designed to be delivered remotely, or in a socially-distanced workplace.

Our Team

Courtney McConnochie

Courtney McConnochie

Courtney has spent 10 years in strategy and innovation, helping private-sector companies grow in the USA, U.K, across Europe and the Nordics, and in Singapore and Japan. She has worked both with start-ups and with global brands such as Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Panasonic, The City of Oslo, Singtel, IBM, Langham Hotels and Jaguar.

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Vanessa Landry

Vanessa has spent ten years working in non-profit strategy and marketing in the UK, Australia and Canada.
She has helped global and local organisations grow and fund their programs, including Cancer Research UK, Greenpeace, Canadian Red Cross, UNICEF, and the Liberal Party of Canada.

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A million thanks to a few special people who’ve helped us get started: Polly Williams (Brand & Marketing), Romain Sourdiaux (Web development & hosting), and Basil and Emery (moral support).

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